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1. dancers to stop asking stupid questions when my answer can be “Hum. It’s on the flyer”. Or even “It’s on the description”. Because it becomes f*cking annoying to ask for a graphic artist to put ALL the informations in one flyer when you don’t even take the time to read every single words. Please, take a look before to ask.

2. to be able to listen my music anywhere and anytime without be disturbed by any new-born dancers. I mean, really. WHAT IS YOUR F*CKING PROBLEM !? (Yes, I’m screaming). It was not possible in 2015 to listen music, dance a lil bit just enjoying the beats without that a dancer jump on my station and start battle me by distance. I’m not a dancer, okay ! I love musics. I don’t want to change wagon anymore just because I feel like the whole one will look at us like “Oh, that’s like in the Street Dancer movie”. Because hell no, that’s not !

3. people to change their daily “Hey Kiudee, you’re in France ? For how long because you seems not to be French anymore.” Hum, let me tell you something : first, I’m not French. I’m Parisian. If you’re one, then you know that’s not the same at all. Secondly, I love my country more than anybody BUT I love traveling and meet new people. Like every open-minded people. I’m thankful Hip-Hop let me discover so much places and so beautiful soul all around the world. That’s my best chance. Then yes! I’m in France and I am about to stay as much as I want. (but for now, I live in Amsterdam. Yes, I left.)

4. never turn my head again during a battle. I found out that every single time I was turning my head off of the stage, I was missing the best move of the dancer’s round. And there’s no replay to what’s happening live.

5. new opportunities. As I follow dancers and Hip-Hop lovers journeys, I also need to have mine. STRITER got 4 years now and I’m still passionate enough to bring my creative writing to our culture and for now, I want to travel more, cover more events and meet new people.

6. random people to think that we can get « closer », just because I’m blogging. We can’t. I’m sociable, that’s a point : for being a blogger, that’s essential BUT that does not mean I’m open. I’m open with dash (open-minded). The dash that signs the distance between us. I’m always happy when people dare talk to me and try to get to know me better : we’re humans. Just remember that I know that « game » too much to lose against players or busybodies.

7. my brother to continue making me that proud. You may feel like it’s sentimental shit and… it is but it’s my blog so I can do it. Also feel like I need to write down that every trainings, workshops, battles he does makes me feel so happy. He got his own area on my blog and I hope I will continue to get known better so we can continue growing in that Hip-Hop field all together.

8. that you continue to read my articles. Really, I don’t know you (or maybe I do) but I’m happy you here. Hit me up, I’ll be glad.

9. girls to respect themselves. Please, do. There’s not a lot, but a few of girls that I can say « I respect her » ; and even that ones are consider them as Women. To come back to the other ones, I don’t know what to say. Or maybe… How can you be so dirty/nasty and dare to show up in events like you were clean ? I’m impress. Really. I could not. You’re strong. Strong b*tches, but strong anyway.

10. boys to respect girls. I talked above about girls but the « Hip-Hop » boys are so … speechless. And not for the reasons you think. I hear/see/read so much about you all that I’m glad we’re just friends or just acquaintances.

11. dancers to makes me cry by being just dancers. Sometimes they makes me cry because they’re just TOO funny. And sometimes because they’re too cute living their art to the deepest. For you, you may « just » be dancing, but for the people around that’s clearly more than that : you share something. Your mood, feelings, art, moves. You share what you are, and when sometimes people don’t care what you share, the way you express what you want to is just the most important. Please keep doing : that’s so beautiful. But at least, I’m not sure I want you to stop.
I love you for that.

12. any single Hip-Hop lovers to get knowledgeable. Our culture is so deep and interesting. It worth the time to know more about it. Really. Being a dancer, rap singers, beat-makers has nothing to do with that point : if you love what you do, learn about its history. Especially in this kind of period, in France, with the (upcoming?) diploma. The lack of knowledge of our new generations make the opponent stronger as they feel like we REALLY need a diploma so we can be aware about our culture. And that’s really f*cked up when we know that we’re part of an underground culture and that most of our OG are still in the course and ready to share.


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