The 365 Hip-Hop days of Kiudee

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(Version Française)

This report hasn’t for objectives to summarize this year Hip-hop in a majority nor even from a neutral point of view. In this report, which will be mine, I suggest to my readers redrawing through my eyes and my writing, during my first year in this culture. I’ll expose here with my words, the enjoyments and the troubles of this year, what I’ve write in my various Hip-Hop books, what I memorized and learnt of this year. An article that I’ll stand out as annual, so that I can (as much as you) see me evolving. I’ll thus suggest you making it through several points by answering the questions that you asked me on my Facebook page or in private messages.

«Why Kiudee ?»

It was in 2006, in math lessons. I was dreaming of become a DHQ (Dance-Hall Queen) so I think:


– (initials) DQ

– (initials inverted) QD

– (phonetics of the initials) Cutie

– (my imagination) Kiudee

I believe in random and in the beautiful coincidences. And it’s one that Kiudee gets on and says himself  « cutie « , what means cute in English. And seen that often people told me that I have a baby face that’s perfect.

« Wich dates do you memorize ? »

+ October 15th, 2011: discovery of the COSEC thanks to D-tox. I see of the world there among which J-lo, SpeedyLegz, Playmo, Twins, Jacko, T-Flex, Confiseur, Chris, Keyley and many others because it was a day of meeting.

November 20th, 2011: 1st battle Hip-hop during Open Cercle, event of Mister Tom, a real VIP day for me. I meet there Jerem as well as Anissa, Kefton and Nelson without knowing that in less than 3 months I would be in the same collective as them.

December 18th, 2011: 1st battle as Likethismoove Team during the Who iz Who. I met Prince, a friend who in spite of a strong friendship eventually showed me what it’s like to be friends with a Hip-hop dancer.

January 8th, 2012: Fusion Street, because it’s the 1st time I’ve access to changing rooms and that I can exchange verbally with international dancers.

January 19th, 2012: I enter the collective Ghetto-styles which support me, and will allow me during this year to seize many opportunities and optimize my visibility

January 25th, 2012: 1st interview filmed with Nelson (Los Kassos), I’m stress but I learn a lot.

February 11th, 2012: 1 year which I work with, I’m at Da Hip-Hop Show where I wished to join Dance-hall contest. But in late, I met Marissa then, during the event PickyPoo and Jessy.

February 18th, 2012: 1st battle where the organizer lets in me enter for free and allows me to write an article during the Young Battle. Event of Yudat, the member Sam and Nordine allow me then to know more about this crew, this event and I like.

May 5th, 2012: 1st travel for the battle Face 2 Face in Belgium. I’ve the impression, accompanied of Kosni, Margz, Eliza, Rori, Tictak, Tonbee, Ulrich, Ketmo, Kosni, Perf, Djylo and the others, to be in  a summer camp. It’s by this travel out of France that I understand that the dancers are more accessible when we aren’t in France Hip-Hop game. I discuss, chill and clash with the present dancers. It’s cool, I like it so.

Weekend of May 26th, 2012: 1st bad trip during the event The World Battle. That’s to say … It wasn’t the event of the century as expected, any time I agree to say that it moved many dancers closer to me, that has allowed me and others to speak to dancers with whom I wouldn’t have exchange if everything was right. In the need, we became accomplices. It’s something who express itself even today as a link which we’ve in common. We lived a surprising bad trip together, this weekend was « difficult », but as everywhere, this kind of moments are the ones which stay most in our memory.

 September 8th, 2012: It’s the battle One More Time, we are in Troyes. I like the energy, the exchanges of the differents crew in the dancing room, the public who goes into raptures in front of the expression of a culture, the dancers who move, the time of a match, in warned football players.
Videos retranscribe very well this energy Hip-hop and Krump.

October 29th, 2012: interview with Tarek the creator of Paris Tonkar, first magazine of graffiti in France. We exchange on the media, the culture Hip-hop in its origins, its founders, its pillars a lot, the evolution of the graff, etc. I appreciate “teacher’s role” which it has to me, which it holds and which he underlines.

November 12th, 2012: 39 years of the Hip-hop.

November 20th, 2012: 1 year in the Hip-hop.

«You really consider enter in this Hip-Hop world November 20th,  2011 ?»

Yes. The Open Cercle IV really made me realize it was the place I need to be. When I left with my book and my pens, I really though that «I wanna live this every day». I met ther Jerem’s, a popping dancers of my age who became the first personn I met in Hip-Hop.. For me, he known my beginning wheras in reality it wasn’t. because I already wrote for since February 11st without have been in place.

 « What do you memorize of this year in fact ? »

–          Rien n’est anodin, un rien sert à quelqu’un. Discuss, exchange,

These things which are so pointless as we forget the utility and the necessity allowed me to learn certain things on the Hip-hop, its members, its actors, etc. I won’t stop learning, I keep pages free in my Hip-Hop books to write all that I learn.

– The difficulty is not where you believe. I try to stand out as a media, but it’s not the one Hip-Hop culture is used. Indeed or, it was journalists who draft only neutrals or positives things, or bloggers fan of dancers and who make only the odes of these said dancers. As a result, come and propose an analytical and introspective vision of this culture while involving to it my personal opinions and comments of actors of this culture it’s complicated. The difficulty thus isn’t in fact to produce it, but to make it accept. Especially when I’ve the conviction that it can bring something. I would have respite to repeat it: not to be used to it doesn’t means that it’s bad.

– It is necessary to have the good spirit. decided to take my time. Take time to learn, to reach then little by little my objectives. Learn of whoever, but know how to select the good (and real) informations. Learn of anything, but find in what that brings me. Examples ? To speak with Link and Stephane R. taught a lot to me about the culture how it began but I didn’t stop my research on that, I also speak with dancers of the mid-generation etc… Know how to prick information everywhere, sort out them and memoriez them. In my case, write them. Other example, the polemic with Babson boosted me. In the sense where that reminded me that everybody won’t support in my road, that often people will make mistakes of who I am, that many will try to decrease me or to criticize and that it will only of my choice to take these things to be even stronger. I already knew it but it’s necessary to be sometimes confronted to this so it remains fresh in my head.

My strength it’s my words. The words of the others won’t be my troubles.

– Any support is good to take. Even when it comes from unexpected persons. I can unmistakably say that this year, I was a lot supported and brought to share very good moments with the members of the COSEC, Familly Homprod, Loonatics and others.

Why the COSEC ? Waydi was the very first person that I interviewed middle 2011 to write about newstylers; D-tox who beyond the dance is a friend on whom I trust and in the Hip-hop it’s important; Zeenom, Kosni, Keyley, Chris, Lumi, J-lo (who have the dance inter-silence, eh Fab ‘?), with whom I laughed whether it wass in Troyes, in Brussels, or in Paris simply; Deyvron who quite recently brought me his support and that always pleases.

Why Familly Homprod ? Because each and especially Timer motivated a lot me, especially in front of my health problems who sometimes soils my road in the Hip-hop.

Why Loonatics? I can’t imagine not to speak to them at the time of today. They’re dark but so funny. Oob, Venom, Karnage, Ketmo,  Dypsy, guys whom I adore.

I shall also speak about the support of the Man with a Crest (« Pooki ! ») who’s always there, whether it’s when I fainted before a battle or when I’m well; of Diger (or “Yellow” for people) who’s there since the beginning; of Odilon, nice man; of Berry the theorist Kiudien; of Jade my sauce 2Hot4U; and especially of Céline, who’s my barley sugar !

« What do you like in Hip-Hop ? »

I come with all my sincerity, my naivety and my honesty that still caracterize me. See a personn dance made me cry. Now I’m searching for dancer who will make me fell that  (Greenteck, Wong Chee Mun, Tonbee and Ice-E for the moment). In one year, I feel having changed. I’ve now as a wait, a requirement other than of the request of spectacular on behalf of the dancers. In it, I differ from a public. Because my waits are not commercial and don’t even less media (article to come), my expectations are purely Hip-hop. The values are so anchored in me that what I look for in reality by coming to learn of this culture, it’s to find it.

« It’s not in search of the happiness, but in search of the Hip-hop as you say ? »

Yes. People told me that the values disappeared. I don’t try to make them reappear, but I know that they live in many actors of this culture. Then I rather try to make it wake. A challenge which I like to raise.

Then, write on the Hip-hop imply to have its senses on the alert: it’s necessary to interfere in this culture (understand, enjoy the flavor of the hip-hop with all its spices), know how to listen to people (former as new), look what takes place around us, know how to feel the ambient atmosphere, and especially know how to retranscribe these things (in a sense speak by the paper).

And to finish (in beauty), the Hip-hop it’s an international culture which allows me to exchange with dancers of the whole world: Malaysia (Wong Chee Mun), Republica Dominicana (Manuel), Burkina Faso (Kader), Russia (Fanya, Korobochka and so on), Japan, Venezuela (Sojo), Taiwan, Germany, etc. (see the other countries here)

« What do you think about crews ? »

I come without. I still don’t have one, but I’m now member of the collective Ghetto-styles since January 19th, 2012.

Although they took in to me, I very fast understood that people had difficulty in associating me to it: « Are you sure that you’re a GS ? Because you really not as them« .

Results: I understood. No matter your collective or your crew, y’all have a different way to represent it. We all have our own personality, often multi-facet (and sometimes in the right meaning) and it’s what explains we can be member of several collectives/crews.

Don’t tell me it’s false, recently I read on Twitter (I shall have keep this tweet): « Why is Kefton in GS, Pro Phenomen and Serial Stepperz at the same time? It’s not too different? »

What I say about it’s that it’s possible and I can understand. I’m not in the head of Kefton but I can understand that he simultaneously have the state of mind pf GS, find itself in the brotherhood of Pro Phenomen and have the same objectives as the Serial Stepperz.

So, it’s necessary to decide that behind the image of a crew, there are individuals. And I’m interested at the moment in these individuals. People who are interested first of all in the individual before the « label » which it represents, I adhere. Because to think in a inverse way (as people made it recently with me) it’s to pass next to the truth. And we know as in the Hip-hop, you love be « true » the ones to the others.

« Your 5 most beautiful memories of this year ? »

–         Each moments I was at the Coupole where I met Diger, Skinny, Shaun, Loonatics etc…

–          Even if I can support him right now, I’ll say my meeting with Prince December 18th, 2011 at the Who iz Who.

–          January 19th, 2012 is a good memorie, because it’s the date I integrated Ghetto-Style and for me it was as personn who recognize my work or talent as good. Thanks for trust in me.

–          September 8th, 2012when we were at Chapelle St-Luc, I loved the enrgy, the conference about Hip-Hop/Krump, and the joyful.

–          For the last one, I will say the mythic one, the one I’ve in common with my «bad dance trip friends» when we were in Switzerland

« What’s the promising crew according to you ? »

Badness. For a simple question of feeling when they dance..

« Do you think of being able giving advice at the presumed former ? »

The term of «presumed former» is to be cleared up but let me see. I would say no but… No, because I haven’t inborn science, I don’t have the knowledge of this culture as I wish (but I will), thus I have « advice » to receive of their part and those with whom I actually discuss already knows that I waiting for this, «the critics are the first employees of an artist». The « but » because it depends on the subject. To be older doesn’t means at all being more educated, more relevant and (necessarily) more expert. « The experience » will say people. OK but it’s still necessary to have lived, experiment things and here, I reprimand here nobody, I only subject a weakness in this impressive notion of « the experience ».

« Peux-tu citer les danseurs qui t’ont (vraiment) marqué cette année ? Pourquoi ? »

Beaucoup mais principalement:

Mufasa for her dance that I find pure,

Bouboo since I saw him dance dance-hall,

Sacha for the subtilities mesmerizing of her popping,

Lil’Kev for its dynamism and its spirit in battle,

Jamsy because when he krump, I adhere to his character

« Do you think in 3-4 years you will have an influence on the Hip-hop ? »

The Hip-hop it’s big, wide. I compare it with a big sea where I don’t especially want to drown myself. At the moment I have only a raft with some niggallowers (to see in the part contact, the map of the countries which I affect). But I build my boat, and will come a day when navigating this sea, people will go on my board, will follow my work (without following my ideas it’s possible). And maybe my trail will stay.

To be concrete, I especially think that I’m a new media, that it will be necessary to them to dread, and that in this culture where commercial and media aspect are often in love I can have my place. And this place will allow me to influence this culture (in a right way) I hope for it.

« If you had to redefine the Hip-hop as if it was the beginning of the movement, what you would put on or out ? Redefine the culture with your eyes and your urge as a person of 2012.

Would there be still rap, graff, dance etc.??»

What a question Ludo. I think that I wouldn’t redefine the movement. Afrika Bambaataa answered an expectation that it’s necessary to put in its context by creating this movement. I can only applaud this beautiful initiative which gathers so many persons today. The values -Peace, Love, Unity, and Having fun-, which are ours, I defend them in my way as many activists defended and still defend them. To redefine it according to my envy ? As a person of 2012, I’ll especially think of adapting our culture rather than of shaping it or formating it. I think here directly of the question of the D.E (Diploma of State) where by reading the report of the Ministry they critized the lack of representatives of this culture. I shall thus think of establishing it. A difficult project especially when we know that the mentalities of the actors of this culture lend more to think of the individual that the common. Yes, we sometimes forget that we’re all of a unique culture that it’s necessary to carry on, and to be pride of. It’s what’s lacking to us. And no need to be there for 39 years to notice it. Of course the graff, the dance, the beatboxing, the deejaying, would still be Hip-op. But we can wonder if any street art is Hip-hop: the knitting on urban elements it’s Hip-hop ?

« Concerning the actors of this movement, do you think that they know about these implications outside of the movement? Or do they just live in a more or less spontaneous way without asking it the question of the responsibility of an artist for example ?

Do they see them as artists ?  »

They know when that goes in their way. If that takes advantage in embellish their images, they like and support. If that proposes different ideas (not necessarily bad) of theirs, the relation becomes more complex. Some people live spontaneously as you say without asking for it that implies that to be an artist or to proclaim itself as such. We owe be curious (cuckoo in Mo ‘ of which I spoke about it on Twitter 2 days ago)

« Do we have to think at the question of dancers’ image right ? »

I was at 104 when he whispered me this question. I would say « not yet », because fast will come the day where the politic and its laws will come to skip into this apolitical culture, and where the commitment of an artist towards his convictions personal is supposed to dominate.

« How you make to get fresh ideas? »

I drink some juice, I eat chicken, I take advantage of the life and I’m peace. I add that especially Hip-hop is my passion: it has to serve me and not harm myself. Madonna said that « when we want to be an artist, it’s in the life that we have to look for its inspiration »; to write on Hip-hop, I analyze the life and so I find to be able to analyze this mini- society that became the Hip-hop. Each of these different societies make of me, as of you, double agent (think about 007). It’s necessary to know how to manage this double- life when they are different (and what your life isn’t around dance exclusively) because alternately, they’re peace places where we come to be calm when the storm or the fog announces in one of them.

« Do you think you can become the feather (or writer) of the Hip-hop ?  »

I hope.

 « And to finish over this year?  »

Enriching. It boosted me

« Ambition, Determination, Action » are my key-words since the beginning.

I’m there, and for a long time even. Accommodate yourself of my presence and not necessarily in the only way you think. You don’t know me, I’m a Kinder Surprise.

As wrote it Paul Valéry, « the man is absurd by what he’s looking for, big by what he finds. »; I came to look for certain things in this culture, and maybe even look for ME. I hope that big will be my finds, whether it’s on the personal fulfillment, as on the development of this culture.

For the moment,I only analyse  by taking note that I published as articles. These last months people urged me to make concrete things so let’s go !

Peace, Love, Unity and Havin fun.

N.B: if some people want to react to this article, I leave the comments open.

If some feel the urge to discuss, to exchange over their own year(s) in this culture, it will please me to speak with them.

Do not forget that I said it in the beginning of article, it’s MY report. You could find, such of the starving men of the bad criticism, points to be criticized: do. You’ve an enormous gift to be found to criticize where there’s not. I don’t want to be the girk who put an end to your talents.

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