[ Event ] A Frenchie in Germany for the Show Yaa Message

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Yo, wie geht es euch ?

Ich heisse Kiudee und bin eine bloggerin.

Das ist mein Bericht, über das Show ya message Battle.

Just arrived at 6:20pm in Dusseldorf after 4hours of travel in car, I’m waiting for my bro P-Dog in the nearest MacDonalds. There’s WIFI for everybody but… not for me so I try telepathy : « Mum, if you can hear me, I’d a safe trip ! »

« I will be there in fifty minutes ! » OK. I hope that he said fifTEEN because I just feel like I can make a remake of the clip « Lonely » ; but I have to get hold of myself because I’m mainly an « Independent woman« .

On my way for P-Dog’s place, I met Soso. Then Kevin, Giovanni, Katie and Lisa.  We won’t sleep: we watch film, we dance all night long and it’s cool to chill with people that I usually don’t have enough time to speak with. Seun & Chi arrived later and around 5am, we go to the meeting for the car which carry us to Stuttgart. We’re like 20, the atmosphere is cool but everybody’s tired.  If the fatigue and the silence were persons, I’ll say that Fatigue sat near all of us and that Silence just walk along the hall during all the travel.

First day in Stuttgart, first day for the preselections.

There’s a lot of persons in Hip-Hop, less in the others category so I’ve time to speak with a lot of German like Cleo (the hoster) who speak French a little. The event settled in a nice place, with the beautiful weather it was really a good day. Near the judges, I take notes about the dancers I prefer. A long day that I finish with a … BURKER KING with my man TwoFace.

We don’t go the the « I love Hip-Hop » because the owner of the party place don’t love man with beard. And they dare put « Hip-Hop » in the name of their party. Whatever, they told me the party wasn’t so good.

The next day, an Indian carnival woke me up., from our window we can hear and see all the people singing & dancing in the street. With Patrick, Chi and Giovanni we decided to go see this carnival closer.

After some minutes joking, we go towards the event place for the battles. I’m already dying of heat, and the temperature isn’t better inside the room.
The level isn’t especially high but there’s a cool vibe and good music thanks to Marsoul and Claerence. Hip-Hop, Break, Popping, House, Azonto, Dance-hall. The battle just seems to be the after-party I missed.

During all the day, I enjoy my lasts hours in Germany because in less than 12 hours, I’ll be back in Paris. In the bus for Dusseldorf, they play a game « Tabou ». I cannot understand anything but I don’t care, they’re just too funny. Finally, it was a supercool week-end with super guys in a super atmosphere. I just came to chill and not specially to make a report that’s why I don’t give you more informations. I just wanted to write something because it’s important sometimes just to enjoy the moments with friends. They aren’t just dancers, they’re also friends, and take time to travel to share some good moments with them is really good. Often, I don’t have time to speak a lot with dancers and this kind of week-end permit that.

To finish, I just wanna say a special thing for someone very special to me who’ll understand this : Be juice, my friend (and come to Berlin !)

– Krump : Ques (against Kid Madtrixx)
– 1 vs 1 : Shay (against Paradox)
– Popping : Two Face (against Dimi)
– House : David (against Ronaldo)
– 2 vs 2 : P-Dog & Shay (against Paradox & Dimension)

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