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People say I have a way with words but every time I share my thoughts with the world, some individuals come and put my work down, is that my reward ?

For real, the rewards, I’m not looking for it.

The respect, I’m working for it.

Got the knowledge, that’s my spirit.

Attacks can’t hurt me because I got the talent. But more than that, what makes me valiant is that my mental is over me. I don’t let people underestimate me, I’m over their hate : my self-esteem is so heavy I could erase them instantaneously.

I started with Hip-Hop around seventeen, but be a writer it’s all I ever been. Creating for spread the culture, explain the meaning. My goal for the future : be a media you can believe in.

I had a period when I though I was too much invested. So much that people could think my silence was vested.

But it’s over now. I’m a blogger. I’m not in the obligation to make you happy, even I know to hear what you agree with, is in your habit.

Trust me. The truth is better.
Push me out, just makes me stronger.

What would you like to remember in few years ?
The perfect events journalists describe in their reports, writing the same things as if dancers were only robots ?

I ask you again : what would you like to remember in few years ?
The time your video made a buzz on the net, a period which last as longer as a cigarette ?

You’re more than that but you act like social smokers.
Just remember these persons aren’t the best runners.

I attended crazy situations that explained I wanted to be out of this game for a moment. People becoming greedy of buzz as if the end of Hip-Hop was imminent. The success key isn’t as evident.

My health is getting bad so I took the time to think about what I could bring now, I don’t want to cover every events anymore as if I was a stupid cash cow.

My plans for 2015 are clearly different.

Are you ready to follow me on my new plans ?

Keep updated on STRITER.

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