Being a dancer nowaday it’s..

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Sometimes we see outrageous things and we asking ourself why we didn’t denounce it.

I saw this video when I connect and the first thing after watch I did, it’s to share.

Not because I approve the cop’s but because their maneer to act was just immoral.

In France they accept many different art and if you really remember the dance is the fourth art.

They’ve the idea (in France) to create a Hip-hop’diplom to keep and developate our art. But can we really believe that a governement who let her police act like that with dancers, who simply share and dance in the street, will be able to understand what we need and what we expect ?

No because this video is the demonstration of a real imcomprehension between to two side, we must share it.

In dance, we aren’t so unite as we say; but in this kind of case, we’ve to gather to show that even if we don’t have the same style, the same maneer to dance, we aren’t locate to the same place; we are conscious of Hip-hop’values and we’ll protect it.

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