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Actually as maybe you noticed it, I don’t write so much..

Not only because of my health problem but also because I don’t feel it.

Write is like dance, rap, beatmaking, graff for y’all : it’s a hobbie.

I can’t force myself to write. I’m not a journalist.

If tonight I write something new it’s because I wanted to say something to all the people who read me.

Take the time to read it and to think.

Hip-Hop isn’t just about dance, rap, graff or beatmaking.

It’s also a state of mind which gather people.

I love when I’m with my Hip-Hop people and they cook me something for the snack time, when we do shopping together, when they come to my house just to spend good moments because I’m too sick to go out, when they make me meet their family because they consider me like their real sister, when we go to the laser game together because they know I love this place, when we study together at the University before the exams, when they help me for my homework, when they welcome me to their house because I want to be far from Paris for a moment, when they invite me to a show because I love cultural events, when they try to be funny with their jokes, when they sing me songs because they also have a nice voice, when they share secrets with me …

When beyond the game, dancers become (true) friends.

My health problems make me feel like I need to write that I love these moments with you all.

It’s seems kinda personal, but it is not.

It’s ridiculous things you but the persons I share these moments with make it become BIG.

Never forget that even if there’s bad person in the « game ». It’s like EVERYWHERE in the society.

Hip-Hop is just our society.

A society where some crazy dancers think they’re the administration of Hip-Hop. Even they are not.

Because in reality, this society more looks like a game.

A game we can all play. But if you decide to become a player, don’t forget one thing.

Be Yourself in the Game.

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