[ Event ] Me, my book and my pens horns were to Cercle Underground, do you knew that ?

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9:30 am. My alarm clock rings. I get ready physically and mentally, today is a big day: it’s the Cercle Underground 6! After a Supreme Cercle Underground really enriching  I know that my day is going to be long and busy. More longer than busy finally. But don’t matter.

During our 2:30 hours of wait(expectation) in the cold, without friendly atmosphere and in spite of the efforts of Fabrice; with the latter, Céline, Candy Man and Of Mel we try to enjoy listening on Martian’s sounds that which we shall never have (big up Fabreezy). But we don’t care, we know well this event, that’s going to be heavy it’s (not so) sure !

4:30 pm comes and that didn’t begin … Hmm I think « and those who are there since 11:30 am, what did they say about it ?  » But silently, because with the music we wouldn’t hear me.

Do I have to speak about the intro ? Yes yes, because the Cercle Underground innovated for this sixth edition: they put an intro of 40mn with presentations of crews, descent of the ceiling as in the JD. Cool. But why? Fortunately a demo of juries (Joseph Go, Junior, Bruce and Caleaf) punctuate every presentation. Announcers usually appreciated, make me this evening hear sadly comic echos such as « We aren’t in Jamel Comedy Club, made enter the dancers!  »

A  » Do you want ass music?  » Brings me out of my soft dream where the battle would finally begin. Whaaaat? What John Agesilas said ? That becomes interesting there !

Semi-finals house, popping, break and newstyle, but the atmosphere isn’t still there. Would it have stayed in the former room?

In House: battles are dope, but the public is always quiet.

In popping: sorry but I would hold Los Kassos vs Fiya House. We had the method Dukan, and this evening the method Los Kassos (or how remind that « here it’s Paris » by purging artistically the English people.) Babson said « The pop is going to speak ! ». OK but your « pop », don’t speaks there: it gets excited. On the side of Fiya House it’s like with the sign of « You’ll die », etc. Well, it was warm.

In break: Bad Trip vs Phase T, but WHAT HAPPENED ? I’ve never seen a guy making so much the sign of the pumping in ONE battle. In any case, the man of Bad Trip could make all he wanted, Phase T won their place in final and bim ! In sign of contesting, he won’t shakes hands with them.

In Hip-hop: Dirty Underground creates the surprise by winning against Serial Stepperz. Attractive surprise which will come to an end in finale but it’s already that.

My friend Céline cannot bear hear me comment on the event, I know it but she won’t say it: she laughing,  it’s the more important.

It’s the interlude. I move everywhere. I see a circle, I settle down. Badness vs Criminalz. There’s tension? I missed something ? No, just « Deyvron wanted to dance and he said that we were the only onewho could dance against him » says Milo. OK all right, when Criminalz is bored, they challenge but everything in sympathy; it’s cool. That allows me to see Rubix, Deyvron, Waydi, Rochka, Of Cjm, Perf, Marius against Milo, Luffy, Tonbee, Prince. As would say Mister You, that disturbs me not, I like.

I like and I’m finally woken and also he public too moreover! The finals are going to begin in a few minutes with in House, Afree House (winner) vs Sign H ; in Popping, West Gang vs Los Kassos (winner) ; in break,  WPS vs Phase T (winner) ; in Hip-hop, Dirty Underground vs Germany team (winner).

By observing, I notice that the most colored won (Afree House in africans country colors, Los Kassos in red, Phase T in black/grey, Germany Team in green). Definitely, I actually see in all colors.

At this moment of the article you think that I ended, and indeed NOT ! I would like to finish by some important things, I lived many of « first time » today:

– First time I see speakers making so long intros !

– First timeI hear people said about the Cercle « 15euros for that ?! »

– First time I like so much a DJ (DJ Sam One so dope man !)

– First time I wait outside for an event (needed that I say it)

Otherwise the place was wonderful, we had very beautiful battles, everything was there. But my great friend was not present.. I deeply wonder where was my friend the Hip-Hop Atmosphere ? Maybe outside, to still queue up to enter inside.

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