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Here I am! I can finally say that I’m at the Fair Play Dance Camp.

But first, let me tell you how I went and how I felt.

I was in Amsterdam before. I spent few days there chilling with friends. I had decided to take my flight directly from this city as I found out that to took one from Paris will makes me stop by Amsterdam anyway. Instead of running after flights, I preferred to be really cool with it.


Yesterday was Saturday. The day of my flight. I was stressed, I must confess. Even if I’m getting used to travel, every events I am going to it’s totally a new experience. I can never know if it’s gonna be a good or a bad one. My dancers friends told me “It’s fat!”, “It’s really big” but that always only words. So I left too early. Of course, you would tell me it’s never too early for flights (and that’s one of the reason I prefer the train) but I I arrived so early I had to wait for 2hours. Without using my phone being too scary not having enough battery to let them know when I will be arrived.

To be true, I was especially worried about how I would be welcomed there. I was definitely new to the landscape and coming as a blogger – which comes always that I’m the first so I can never compare with someone else – then I never know how they picture me.


I arrived in Krakow-Balice airport around 11pm where Jacob picked me up. Really nice (and on-time), he helped me with my luggage and bring me to the ‘Akademia’ where my roomate were sleeping.

Another confession : I’m never with someone else. So on that point, I was also worried about this main thing: will we match? During dance camps (as in real life), I got to have a lifestyle really harder than usual : late working, short sleeping, always eating.

We took time to introduce to each other – and when I say time, I mean 2 hours. Her name is Artes. She is an 23yo Albanian social media manager. We would match. Sharing our experiences, we decided that she will show me around on the morning.

Fair Play Dance Camp – ENTRANCE (Photo credit by DUFAJ –


There’s no curtain on the window, that’s why. Also, it was the plan. My roommate -kind of cool to write, uh- had told me that we would have to breakfast early and for only a hour in the morning so I made myself ready real quick.

After breakfast and lunch, I know now that I will lose some weight the next days (LOL). Not that food ain’t good. But food is too healthy for me.


Since I’m here, I’ve been sleeping, eating and working. It sounds like a normal day right? That’s because I forgot exploring. I’ve been exploring a lot : trying to find good spots for upcoming videos (of dancers – not me), but also meeting the staff which have been really nice to me – always coming to me introducing themselves and having some short good talks with me. It ain’t the easiest thing to arrive on such a rushy day but as I also got work to do, I’m not feeling too lonely 😅

But hey! Let me stop all this emotional text and tell you about what’s coming.

Tonight will be the first party of the camp:

This will open the week of workshops, masterclasses, meetings with amazing people:

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