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As I started to write you a lil bit about how my days were going, I better continue that way.

Yesterday was the first day of classes. As every thing starts at 9am, everybody wake up early (including me). So I headed up to the kitchen to eat what finally looked like a normal breakfast to me: hot chocolate milk plus cereals. Then I went to the TENIS ROOM to attend the very first class of the whole camp: Keone Madrid.


That’s the first thing that came into my mind when I entered the room. There was so many people. I spent the whole Sunday walking around the camp and I wondered where they have been the whole day that I didn’t saw them.

I must contextualise again: you know me, i’m more into freestyle camp usually and this is my first time covering a camp with so many famous choreographers in it. By talking with some of the teachers in daily life, checking their pictures on Instagram, I knew how popular it was – BUT without experienced it myself, I couldn’t picture how impressive it could be.

At least, I entered the room and didn’t left it the whole day – except to it and take Link class.

Because one thing that I find really surprising too is that the day is running fast and you don’t even realize it is. Before coming, I was a little bit worried that with classes the whole day and no extra activities I could do on the side, I would feel bored and I’m not at all. Each class, each teacher brings a different energy and when you are in – even not dancing – you are absorb by the vibe. Only good ones, of course 😎


That’s the motto from Salah. During Fair Play Dance Camp, he’s the one doing the Oshee Physical Training which is an intensive workout. Said like this, I though people would be dying – or maybe as he said, because it’s only the first day so it’s kind of an introduction.

As I was watching the program with Kapela and Frankwa who just arrived in Krakow, I was telling myself how great it is that the team included that in the camp. Salah was not only giving movement to do but also explaining why is it important to take care of its health.

It happens every day after lunch, which is a (really) good way to lose the weight we just gained ahahah. And (#confessiontime) I wanted to take part of it but my health problems don’t allow me to.

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