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« In a choreo, being clean ain’t the whole thing. You must provide a message ».

Tony Tzar gave that speech during his morning class and that’s totally true to me. So today I wanted to make a lil focus on teachers.


Teachers taking classes from other teachers.

Teachers getting out from their comfort zone: by taking classes from other teachers (even when not their style) or by entering the ‘student’ contest. Let say it: Fair Play Dance Camp got an amazing line-up. I already wrote it I know but you got to understand where I wanna go. Usually, big names loves to sit on their fame as they had a crown stuck on their head. SO. When I share Link class with my friend Paradox – who just arrived, or when I see Kapela following Keone & Mari one, that really makes me happy.

And you know why? Often, people think they are unreachable because they are famous artist. People (and especially students) got a certain picture of them because they’re master in their field. By doing that, they prove they are first dance lovers. Whatever they did in their career, what lead first is their love for dance. Yesterday night, I felt much respect to Ian Eastwood. Yesterday was the All-Style LIVE Battle. Let me picture you: 3 cyphers, 3 judges. They only took 8. Four dancers were guests and Ian wasn’t in it – but he participated. He participated and he made in to semis. At that moment, I said to Little Shao: « Seeing him now in cypher, trying to get the ticket to be part of the battle, that makes me respect him a lot« .

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