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Gosh! It becomes really hard. Really hard to wake up every morning at 8am and go to classes for me. It’s the summmmer time and this brings me back to my school time. The first days were okay and now, I start skipping some classes to sleep a little bit more.


After the showcase that we should consider as a preview, we had the opportunity to attend the Q&A meeting – an informal and friendly meeting where the host can ask questions to the artists.

This year, Artes (my roommate – remember) had the honour to host it. For this, she had the week to prepare the panels and the questions for each of them. Now that I contextualised the moment, let me tell you what I thought about it.

It was okay. That’s how I felt. After listening the questions from John the day before… I was really waiting to know if we’ll go deeper into each artists life and I expected them to give the real answers. I had conversations with pretty much of them and I knew that for some of them like Little Shao and Rie Hata – what they were saying on the mic was only 20% of their thinking. The concept of a Q&A is really interesting and Artes managed it good: even if stressed before, she appeared comfortable on stage. Even if it was getting late, I’d have appreciate that the same formula went for each panel: 2 general question + 1 personal question each as we were discussing with Paradox how frustrated he felt having only a question about being injured – as it was the only thing that could pictured him. I found the first panel with the managers & agents really interesting as it is a side of the dance industry that we never really pay attention to. About the others, still it was okay. The fact is: we got a lot of opportunities to talk with teachers during this camp – which is great for students as they make themselves available at any moment if they come to them. So I mainly had this feeling that I knew already what they were saying on the mic. It’s always cool to hear it again but thinking on the other side (that means, their side) – they will never say so but they would rather prefer a question in which they can feel that research have been made and especially, that they have never been questioned  before. Also, the entire was sleepy – people were sleeping on the floor (and even Lando Wilkins on the side) which made me uncomfortable as it was an important moment of the week too.

Oh ! You know what’s the best gift of my day?

Here is the story: my best friend that I know for 15 years now never understood how and why I could involved myself so much into dance. She never understood how I could become so close from people that I didn’t knew before and give them more of my time & energy that I never did in any other fields. She hasn’t really being talkative about my work – as it’s totally far away from what she’s doing but still, she’s always try to understand my side even if I knew she was faking. She’s really not understanding how powerful my love for dance is. So today, she texted me. She sent me a dance video from a Fair Play Dance Camp teacher and said: ‘Hey! You gonna laugh but… I think I want to start dancing. I saw this video and I know you’re with this teacher now in Poland. I want to join you next year‘.

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