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After this class, you will never remember the steps. But you will always remember what you are feeling now. (Kapela during his last dance class)



That’s the beautiful words that Kapela said to his student after a super heartful class. For real, it was amazing. They shared such an intense moment of dance sharing. Malkom assisted him, Yugson was behing the spintabled delivering crazy tracks and John Agesilas – who just initially came to support – became the host of the spontaneous dance battle into cypher. Joined by Laure Courtellemont, it was just beautiful to see. Even after their class, they could even realize what just happened.

At night, we had the best night of the camp (yes, I know it’s not finiiiiiish but still!) : THANK YOU YUGSON. I danced the whole night. This same night, we had Brian Puspos and Andrew Garcia on stage singing for a small concert. Apart from appreciating that showcase, I felt really touched to see how the invited artists involve themselves into the camp. Like it really meant something to them more then a booking. They are not doing this everywhere meaning that to them, Fair Play Dance Camp wasn’t anything and that’s beautiful from them.


The days are passing so fast that I couldn’t even wrote about the previous days. So here I am. Friday was the free day. That means that the whole camp was off (except the staff and Little Shao). While this latest was doing free photoshoot for the students inside the Party Room. The staff left the camp to bring the teacher to the Opera were a showcase will happen.

Let me say, I spent the best 2 days of this camp and this one started at 12pm with my girl-only ride in the centrum of Krakow. Accompanied of Soleila, Louise and Charlotte, we spent the day visiting the city. My discovery of the day: Legal Cakes. It’s a delicious restaurant where you can eat food without gluten, lactose, sugar and even without eggs. I’m a sugar addict (as you know) but it was challenging to try and it’s really good. I would recommend you the pancakes with fried apples and cinnamon but let’s go back to dancing.

At night, we went to the Opera and found our seat in the right middle of the cosy location.

It was a beautiful night.

The best thing with this show was how they managed to make us read, see and understand the messages that every dancers on stage wanted to give us. After every show, MC John (yes boy!) invited the dancers to sit and asked them efficient questions and what really amazed him was how good it was to see how their dance had almost nothing to do with only practicing dance – but more by practicing daily life.


I had some really emotional moments with Kapela and Paradox who dedicated their shows to their recently died family members, the mathematical show from West Point impressed me: it was such a smart and subtle choreography. Having watched them really carefully: they had this focused face that made their movement look so easy to us. I loved the show from Fair Play Crew: it’ hard to made people laugh but they succeeded. Their way to introduce their show as short cartoon episodes is really innovative to me and that put a good rhythm to the show. During the night, we also had Kenzo Alvares introducing us his new single and Salah making the best life-lesson of the camp: « You don’t always need music to dance. Sometimes, you are the music ». About the best heartful moment, Keone & Mari showing us what true love was. I saw them on videos so many times, and in real, it’s exactly the same. Even better.

Now let me tell you something: I’ve always been thankful for having this opportunity to appreciate dancers on stage and backstage. I mean to be able to see them as artists but also (and mainly) as friends. Often, I think how bad it is that students can’t see how beautiful it is: with the current mood of the dance world they became greedy of movements and not greedy of feelings. Making them scream for hitting the music, but not for touching their heart. These last two days, I felt like they experienced it more and hope they will understand how precious it is.

Not the end yet but I’m thankful that I’m here in Fair Play Dance Camp and have the opportunity (again) to be even more convinced of that. That’s fill my heart of more love for what I do.

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