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It makes a while I haven’t traveled alone ; and even when I plan to travel with someone (like this one with my brother), there’s something happening that made that on this early morning of Thursday 22nd of January I was comfortably seat on my Thalys train on my way for Duisburg.

For those who know me, sure you find it normal that my first trip of 2015 has Germany as destination. In the idea to spend some good times with my homeboy, we went this Saturday to the CALL OF BATTLE. Wait. Did I said Saturday ? Sorry, we went this week-end* : because you may not know it but we left on Friday and came back on Sunday morning just to come to this event. And you know what happened ? 

When we were walking to the event, my first thought was « Dayum, that’s so small ! » ; from the outside, the location looked so small that I couldn’t even imagine that all the people who were supposed to come will be able to enter. We arrived really early in the morning, so the fact that the event began late wasn’t the best thing for us (and yes, that’s not their fault : it’s because of the traffic jam). But anyway, the main point was just that the event was too long. I mean it could have been more structured in the schedule.

Poor judges, they were already exhausted before the event start.
Poor dancers, who have to wait hours between the selections and the results.
Poor Kiudee, who … Nothing. I was the luckiest : kindly invited by the organization, I received a VIP Pass from my homie so I had the possibility to go everywhere. That’s why people saw me on stage, near the judges then upstairs in the backstage.

By and large, the event went good. Good but not great. It was the « Call Of » battle, as it was introduced to me it was suppose to be an amazing battle and finally, it was just a common battle with only a high price money. Maybe I was waiting for something spectacular in the way that if an event propose this kind of price money, it means they’ve the means to do something on a par with it. Moreover, there wasn’t as much people as I could expect : it may have bring more people for sure. Even the people who made shoutout for the event didn’t came and not that the level was bad but it was more open. The stage where the dancers have to dance was too small when you consider how big was the location from inside. I was seat near the judges and I couldn’t even see correctly all the dancers steps without the need to stand up.

Do not mistaken, the battle wasn’t good tho but not bad neither : I mean this kind of event should bring the best dancers of Europe and it didn’t (maybe 70% of the people I talked to, weren’t aware about the event) but it wasn’t uninteresting to see other people compete like Kristie (who won Hip-Hop), the Venezualian team in Bboying who just stunned me with their last combi, or the little Dimmy in Popping that I’m sure will become a beast. 

There were some amazing battles : Jr Game vs Soulja Rowdy was one of them. (And I do not say that just because I’m more receptive to krump – or maybe I do) ; dope judges : I already knew Nelson, Kefton and Rowdy – so there’s only Lil Ceng that I discovered for real. But most of all, there were good musics. Thanks so much to DJ Arayna but especially to my man DJ Puu. The beats were crazy the whole event.

Now that I think about it, maybe should I have write this article in French so I could do like the host did : speak in our own language when we’re not supposed to. A little detail tho, but that’s a point which is important especially if you want to make the public feel involve in the event which welcome people coming from everywhere in the world. A little detail that finally was forgive when they made their « host demo » !!

To finish about this event, I can’t say that I’m disappointed, I was just waiting more from it but to consider it like it happened, I really enjoyed my time. I was really happy to see and be able to support my German bruder P-Dog, homies and (new) friends during this event. Also it was a pleasure to see new faces as it change from Paris were I become use to always see the same people competing to battles and when I travel, I do not only see the same dancers in the event showing how much Hip-Hop and Krump are growing in every countries. 

Props to the organizers who, nobody noticed it, but made their best to propose dancers this amazing opportunity to win that price money of 1000€ per category.

– Hip Hop: Kristy (Russia)
– Popping: Gator (France)
– Krump: Jr Game (Germany)
– Breakdance: The Tribe (Germany)

PS : I hope my judmies enjoyed the afterparty.
PSS : I definitely hope that the guy who hurted himself during his round is better.

#BUFAS (Be UseFul And Share),

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