Good bye #DesperateHousewives

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We’re November 28th, 2012  and it’s exactly 22:47 am when I start writing.

I won’t hide you  (my eyes red as blood would deceive me anyway), I’m upset.

« Why ? »

It’s very difficult to say it but… since a few minutes it’s official: Desperate Housewives ended.

I didn’t dreamed about it when 7 years earlier, at 8:45 pm I turned on my television.

I preferred to forget and to deny.

« Stop, it’s only a serie ! »


Desperate Housewives it’s more than a series. It’s the mirror of a surrounding reality with actors so true as you and I. It’s what explains that we are so attached to it. A mediatic but real relation based on a tempestuous love between fascinated episodes and episodes we missed.

« Will you find consolation ? »

Yes. Maybe. I hope.

This article will seem to you uncalled-for.

But I deal with all which is urban; and if tomorrow in the morning I read in one of free newspapers that hundreds (not to say thousands) of women make a silent march in the name of the end of this series, it will become an urban problem.

Thousands of women in the street, blocking the circulation to claim in the name of desperate housewives that they want to put an end to their similar situation (too!): it will become our urban problem.

Then this evening, I suggest to discuss about it.

It’s the end of the series but Susan Mayer has just said it to us  » We become mature when memories replace our dreams »

That the series never end would be one. But isn’t it better we stay in these beautiful memories ?

I think that yes. In fact, we grew with this series. As any melodramatic series speaking about the realities of the life, we were really involved into each episodes.

And this evening, I would like to say « Goodbye » to our Desperate Housewives.

That hurts but as likes saying my Professor of Written Communication, there are « common places » in the society.

Wisteria Lane is one.

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