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Yesterday, Sunday November 10th, it was my first time in Netherlands.

Usually, when I discover a new country I’m with my brother. But this time, I was « almost » alone. We are never completely alone because as I use to say Hip-Hop is a big family and it’s with a pleasure that I went there with my man Faboo who was judging, Kerry & Kwezi who was competing (and who won in House category).

After 5-6hours sleeping while Faboo was driving, we arrived on time in Arnhem to see The-K giving a Hip-Hop workshop which will be followed by the one of Faboo. Well welcomed, I take time to visit the surroundings and by some foods : it’s not every day that I come here. Around 2pm, we went to the Luxor Live, a nice place near the central station. People was coming little by little and when I come back in the place after changing clothes, the place was already full of people.

I want to speak more about the event and especially the dancers. People who wasn’t there have to know how it was, and how I will describe the atmosphere of the event.

I was tired, I didn’t take any notes but I remember everything. Why ? Everything’s in the name of the event.

Soul Cypher.

Did I need to write to report you how it was ? Usually, yes. But yesterday, I just needed to feel it. Not to play with words, I just enjoyed the event, I received all the good vibes how it came to me.

Dutch dancers are hungry of dance. Really. I saw it during the workshop, the students were holding series of workshops but they continue to learn. Then at the event, I saw something that we don’t have in France : they aren’t « shame » of highlight the youngest generations. As I see, whatever the age, they’re all close together and they cheer each other. And there’s repercussion on the audience which was diversified.

There’s also an other point : I don’t often Locking in event, and this wherever the country I went, and I loved how the dancers spread their good Hip-Hop energy with us. My favorite one is Valentino, if you read me, know that your groove, your energy was D.O.P.E. -if you don’t know, he won Locking yesterday with Toto-.

As I said at the beginning, Hip-Hop is a big family. And some of my Ghetto-Style Fam was there at the Soul Cypher  and it made me laugh to see that whatever happen, we try to make it good. My bro P-Dog and Faboo, respectively Hip-Hop and House judges, were burned-out but they made all their possible to make of their judge demos something correct. The bro Majid just made my day by competing in Popping till the Quarters and it was good to see Kenzo battling in House.

Apart from GS, it was a REAL pleasure to attended the victory of my homeboy TwoFace in Popping with Arejay. You were both on fire, maybe the hot sandwiches from Subway have something to do with it, lol. To finish, I will say that there were good level in House preselections and the French final was cool. In Hip-Hop, the musicality of Miracle was great. I’ve to notice the progress of Dimension and the flow of the two little girls with the bandanas.

Thanks Soul Selected and y’all for the good atmosphere, the warm welcome and everything.

HIPHOP : Miracle & Beckz (Detroit Rockstarz – Germany)
HOUSE : Kwezi & Kerry (France)
LOCKING : Valentino & Toto (Belgium & Netherlands)
POPPING : Twoface & Arejay (Germany)

PS. Someone stole the bag of the homie Paradox, please give him back.

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