[ Interview ] Ground Zero x @_STRITER (with subtitles)

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Yes, Jimmy from Yudat Crew. Here to represent.
No, I won’t introduce myself. I’ll give my opinion on the Ground Zero Concept: dope event which highlight dancers in a place where dancers don’t used to make a show. It looks well and I hope it will have a good continuation. So, bye and kisses.


Hi, my name is Cjm’s. I’m human beatbox, singer and Hip-Hop dancer. 
I’m at the VIP Room: real concept.
I liked it. Everything was good for my part. For the others too, I think. Dancers were on fire. From the beginning with Chucky, it was thug. I hope the event will increase. That’s all. Good bye.


(Karim) So, I introduce myself: Karim, Hip-Hop dancer. i’m at Ground Zero party.
There’s a lot of dancers with great level. Here to have fun. I let Dedi speaks.

(Dedson) Dedi, big up to Rim-ka: he won a battle 2-3 days ago, we celebrate it here. 
Yo ! Let’s sum up. Here is Dedson, Ground Zero Party. Super Hype !
A little classy, on the side of the jacket, on the side of the shirt.

(Karim) Him, it’s the jacket, Me, it’s the hat.

(Dedson) That’s it, on the shoes too, we’re really classy. Ground Zero big up, it’s youngster who organize that. Hip-Hop in Hype places, it’s a pleasure.
People have fun, they’re well-dressed. There’s dancers from difference generations. Ground Zero is a concept which will continue in this vibes, in this spirit. People come to enjoy, and mainly to discover. 
They’re from others middle, universe. Whether it be artistic: photos or all you want: 
magazines, videos, couture, paint, canvas, hand-knitting, all of these… Dope event which highlight dancers in a place where dancers don’t used to make a show. There’s also computer engineers, I saw a guy with glasses. 
It’s varied. Each DJ’s are good, a lot of bass. Don’t know if you can hear it ! 
To finish, big dedication to Ground Zero: it’s done !! You’ve to be there next time: it’s sound more heavy. 
And welcome to the Hip-Hop in Paris, there’s partys ! Brla.


Yep, Deyvron, Criminalz. In live from Ground Zero, represent ! Big up to my fam’.
Frankly, for the first edition it’s good. I think there’s a future for it 
because it’s a concept which come into a kind of comfortable vibes and it brings a Hip-Hop energy. It’s good, it will have many good days ahead of it.


Here you are in a night club (I love Marseille.)
Guys, when you dance on stage, we all know you. You’re wonderful, beauty..
You give your blood for those who want in battles, dance classes, workshops. 
Here we’re in the VIP Room. You know what it is ? 
A famous club, known in the whole world. Give something you never give: 
Charism. Beauty. You dance, you’re on your vibe, ok !
But here we’re in a night club, you have to enjoy. To make people enjoy. Everybody. 
Not only dancers, it’s not a battle. Put a few of charm and charism.

Become beautiful. There’s women, we’re in a club. We’ve to *biip* tonight ! I’m laughing. Let’s party !

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