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Kiudee ▫ Singa, 10/11/2012 (US date), Paris-Russia. 

In spite of the distance which separates us, I had the enjoyment to be able to ask some questions to Singa, an electro dancer from Russia, who participated on World Championship Vertifight and won numerous battles as So You Think You Can Dance Electro, WWE Battle vol.3, vol.4, and so on.. By speaking with him, it’s clearly visible that he’s passionnate. Read the vision of an Electro dancer who want to see his dance culture come strong.

Kiudee: Who are you ?

Singa: My name is Timofey also known as Singa. I live in Saint-Petersburg, a city near Moscow. I’m member of Electro dance team « Nice for Eyez »: we are champions of Russian in battles 5vs5; on the last Russian Championship 1vs1 I got 2nd place and my friend from our team the 1st.

Kiudee: Why did you decides to make Electro ? A passion first, or a discovery ?

Singa: I always watch for some perspectives, you know when I started to dance I saw many styles as Newstyle, Break dance, etc. But I haven’t seen myself in this cultures because I’ve seen that there already big FAMILIES of dancers who got REAL LEVEL, and I should dance since 5 or 6 years to reach it.

So once I was on party and there some guys were dancing something strange that I haven’t seen before, so I liked it. Of course that was Tecktonik, not Electro. But it was tecktonik on the last stage of it, so I was in first wave of people who danced Electro, not tecktonik.

I decided to develope in this style, cause I saw perspectives in it.

Kiudee: How can you describe your style ?

Singa: For me it’s really a hard question. Cause you know, I’m on stage of developing, and for it I’m trying to dance everything, I’m trying to be in community of dancers of all styles cause I notice for myself one interesting thing. When I dance for example Hip-hop I got many moves from Electro dance (cf. battle vs Majid) and this is my distinction from other dancers. When I dance I make symbiosis of all styles I dance, and people tell me that this it’s interesting. For prove I can say that I got 3 first places in Hip-hop juniors in Saint-Petersburg in a row, and you know I’m not really training Hip-hop !

But also other styles helps me in Electro dance ! For example, Hip-hop gives me flow, Popping – boadycontrol, House – steps and feeling. So because of it I think that I’m Electro dancer, but I still seeking myself

Kiudee: In what do you think that [Nice For Eyes] make the difference in Electro dance world ?

Singa: I was in 3 teams, and was tired of misunderstanding. In « Nice for Eyez » we got UNDERSTANDING of our deal. We got the same target, we go in the same ways, and because of it we don’t have really big conflicts. We also made this community of dancers who dance all styles. For example Xose now is one of the best dancer of House in Saint-Petersburg and we go on every contest together, we talk lots of. This is really an important thing in the team — to TALK, and we do it !

Kiudee: What’s, with your crew, the relationship which you’ve with the Electro dancers of the whole world ?

Singa: For me relationship with whole world is unclear. Yes, unclear this is the word! Because we don’t have some kind of international community. So it’s really hard to understand who knows about us really. I can name some countries maybe… Ukraine, Belarus other Russian speakers countries, Italy, France, Mexico, America… Maybe else… But we participated in World Championship Vertifight 2012, so maybe some people saw us. We talk some times with that countries, wich I listed.

Kiudee: So, communicate with Electro dance world is hard but how it’s Electro just in Russia ?

Singa: I’ll start from one thing. We went Vertifight (this is a whole world organisation, wich was organisated by Steady, Hagson and Youval, and they got branch all over the world, about 40 licenses). Electro dancers consider that as the HEAD contest. Vertifight makes National Championships all over the world too, and WORLD championships 5vs5 and 1vs1.

In russia we got many battles, in each city there are battles with Electro dancers and about 15-20 dancers on the edge of russia and in big cites as Moscow or Saint-Petersburg about 100-300 dancers. I’m organisator of big contest « Move&Prove » but the problem is that we don’t have industry of dance as France got. We got really not much sponsors for it.

About the beginnng: Electro dance started 7 years before, and it was a really big explosion, we got 1000 dancers in Saint-Petersburg and 2000 in Moscow. It’s really MUCH. But now it’s the same thing as with hip-hop for example in 80s. Many people gone, but new came. And we got new music. Now we dance with a good music such as deep house, house, fidget, complextro etc… We realy grow up and are ready to make explosion again think it’s about 2-3 years especially in Russia.

Kiudee: You said that you participated Vertifight 2012, what does, in 3 word, the Vertifight represent ?

Singa: It’s International – ofcourse. It’s Important – for our culture and it’s Level.

Kiudee: Who are your fav Eletro dancers and your fav Electro teams ?

Singa: It’s simple, my fav dancer it’s Naim (Rk) and my fav team, Rk.

Kiudee: The French Electro dancers are your rivals ?

Singa: We all do the same thing, and they’re our rivals only on battles. In real life I HOPE we aren’t.
If we talk about level — realy good now RK and Electro Street, other teams is on the other level, cause they dance ONLY Electro and don’t understand many things… yet :)

So I thing for Nice For Eyez on the next world championship it won’t be hard to take a lead, but we got strong opponents and we must understand it.

Kiudee: A last word to say to your Electro community all around the world ?

Singa: People, we are now in hard position, but we have only one way to get out of it – show other cultures that we are no worse !
Participate every where, training everything, listen and learn only best dancers, training only with the best, listen only good music. It’s time to grow up in this aspect too ! Take basic things from other cultures, cause it’s not big difference between us!
And of course WAKE UP and MADE SOME ACTION!

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