Oomoo give me 48 hours to introduce myself (English version)

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I find easier speak about others than about me.

The choice of my presentation is like a dilemma.

An article or a video ? A serious thing or something funny ?

Let’s go. 3, 2, 1, I give you 48 informations about me !

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1. I’m legally a Parisian adult, but not enough to go on the United States.
2. Optimist, I try to see life through rose-tinted spectacle even I don’t like those flowers.
3. I make  a diet based on chicken, apples and orange juices.

MY PAST (4 to 6)
4. I’m a sportive who saw her career stop because of health problem.
5. I should have become a kind of 3-to-1 vmix between Serena Williams, Sisha and a sportswoman but life decided something else for me.
6. Finally, I’m Kiudee Davie but it’s just as well.

MY FAMILLY (7 to 8)
7. All my family dance. A mum who make dancehall and Hip-Hop. A father who made Popping.
8. Although my family was dancing, that’s not thanks to them that i’m here now. I wanted to do more, to involve more, to know more ; maybe because I was more interest.

MY HOBBIES (9 to 13)
9. Observe, analyze, learn, transcribe again, give my point of view, let the people know the truth in an original way.
10. Write on what I see, I live and on what you know but don’t want to speak about.
11. Wander.
12. Hip-Hop culture.
13. Create, I’m a creative person.

MY CULTURE (14 to 17)
14. I’m a cultural girl: expositions, (street) art, urban cultures, literature, that’s what I like.
15. Hip-Hop is my lifestyle.
16. This culture is my passion and I become a better person thanks to it.
17 . It’s my choice to be in this game .

MY BLOG (18 to 23)
18. Its personal, I’m the owner, dancers all around the world help me to make it grows.
19. It permits me to travel, meet new persons, live incredible experience.
20. My blog grows at the same time as me. And. It’s not a people magazine.
21. It’s a new media dancers aren’t use to, but I believe in my work.
22. Its read in 111 countries.islands, that’s good, isn’t it ?
23. Without my blog, you won’t know who I am.

24. I can bring something new to this culture.
25. My  intentions are good.
26. Hip-Hop will evolve. One day.
27. I’m met the good person on my way (thanks y’all !)

MY AMBITIONS (28 to 31)
28. Become a creative writer.
29. Brings this culture to a familiar relation with medias.
30. Become this media in which Hip-Hop lovers will see a link between them and the society but « made in Hip-Hop ».
31. Realize my projects and collab with differents kind of medias.

MY LIFE (32 to 36)
32. Eat, eat, eat and never gain weight.
33. Spoil dance vidéos with my scream « Aye aye aye ».
34. Take notes on my Hip-Hop notebooks.
35. Discuss with everybody.
36. Wander, travel and worm my way in each events.

MOI ET LE GAME (37 to 39)
37. You cleaner in your moves than in your private life, bunch of pigs.
38. I hate speak about my private or sentimental life with you. (Even if…)
39. I’ve no name, no reputation, no problems. Stop trying ban me. Carpe diem !

MY FIRST SDK (40 to 45)
40. This article ordered by Oomoo, I’ve to speak about dance-hall.
41. It was joyful to share and exchange with Laure, Germans, Dutch and my team #WineAndKotch far of the French required level and behavior.
42. You won’t see me in battles tomorrow.
43. I’ve a new scream that I still work on.
44. It was like a big directory, where all you have to do is meet new contacts
45. Finally, they know me as a girl who dance and not as a blogger. Strange.

46. Wait. I’m coming slowly but surely.

MY FINAL WORDS (47 to 48)
47. Stop ask me personal questions on Ask.fm, please.
48. I’m a child of the population who’s goes alongside to the aristocracy closely.


or ask me directly !


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