[ Event ] In my bag, the red pen. Original Floor took out of theirs, crazy dancers.

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What a day, what an event !

You want that I tell you how i twas ? Ok ok.

This morning, I left the museum of Quai Branly with the conviction go to Cergy Original Floor. The name seems cute so want to be there !

After my incredible bad adventure, I arrive to the event (thanks Ice-E and Waydi) it will begin: phew !

Youval and the other speaker begin well by the presentations of Breaj judges : Ronnie, gadget Boy and Ben J about who I heard a lot of thing

The quarter finals begin, and it’s already hot. The best in Powermoves are in confrontation front of our eyes, that so.. hot! I remember the liveliness of Lil’ Kev and the musicality of Chakal.

And hup! A note in my Hip-Hop magic book.

And hup! The public shakes blue cards in sign of their approvals

Come the tour of Hip-hop judges to be presented, or what I say, to presente themselves. Their dances speak about themselves. Ice-E, Joseph Go, Kefton. You know what you missed.

Wow, I would have of to come!!  »

And I’ll always repeat it to you.You missed the show of Serials Stepperz (Foued, Frankwa, Tip Top, Karlos, Kefton, Mathias), man! Great staged, they played the game and with such a spite: it was beautiful.  » Strength and conviction  » could be read in their eyes and the public liked that.

The quarter finals Hip-hop take place. With reflection of the public when Ukay and Majid lose against Oomoo and Jo.  What? They can lose too.

 » And the show of Sisters Sisters (Axou, Sounsy and K-You) you won’t speak about it ?  »

Oh yes: I adored ! The mixture of genres like that, a delight to be tasted in family.

After the break of 6 pm, the group of electro Plein Tarif came and s*ck the dancefloor( » this article would be forbidden at least of 18 years? – No no, I don’t have 18 myself .. but.. not insults« )

The public who is, since the  beginningvery hot, keep faithful to himself and deeply encourages them.

The semi-finals Break starts, then Hip-hop. And I remain surprised with the passages of Nala, « dope !  » I say myself in my head and in high voice.

Before the finales, the warriors but talented and graceful Zamounda comes to set fire on the track of Original Floor who is transformed during their shows into an arena where the women have the power. I’m conquered. And hearing the public, I’m not the only one.

During the finales, Break as Hip-hop.. Strange to say Hip-hop as if the Break didn’t was a part of it but let pass, it’s only subtleties and the most irritated will say that I touch …

Let us resume, during the finales, Break as Hip-hop, the dancers are boiling in 100° Celcius. They’re hungry of the  4000 euros of money price and what hot it is when Lil’ Kev  says to Fénixou « Let’s go phaser ! « , or when  Jimmy to the « You need to calm down  » of Junbox , he answers  » No, I’m going to kick them down ».

No no, too much! I love. All in the respect, the dancers give themselves completely!

In finale of finale:

– Break: Lil’ Kev (winner) vs Face

– Hip-hop: Paul Ereck (winner) vs Paradox

Public brings out red cards for finale Hip-hop. They are not satisfied.

Me yes, for the first time that I attended the Cergy Original Floor, I was well transported in the energy of this city where the dance is really intergenerational.

The man who represents the city told he want to make of Cergy « the international capital of Hip-hop », a very utopian project but in which we like to believe.

Any time, I have a project too: return next year. I invite you to join my project, any support and contribution (of food and drinks) is welcome.

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