From March 12th to March 18th will settle the first Indian Hip-Hop festival.

If you’re interest in come, participate or just check, here are the infos.

Really interested, I asked few question to Sunny Deon, the founder of Indian Hip-Hop Nation Dance Community.

1. How is the community there ? « Dancers here they just concentrate in there own crew. But how I got idea to open a community. At first I started to travel out of India. Because I like to learn Hip-Hop and the culture in other countries. So planned some of the nearest country and I n found out Thailand is one of the fastest growing country in Hip-Hop scene in south east Asia. So 2010 I started my travellin with fear. What I’m going to do there.
I got only few friends there thru facebook. He’s name is bboy spize he’s one of the best and from the best bboy crew in thailand. Great human being down to earth. From there I saw and understood what is community. In there a lots of versatile dancers. They’re join in under one roof and make the cyphers, Bbq, music. This happen every week ends. It inspired me a lot once I back to india. I opened this community slowly and steady I started to work.
The main motto of the community is spread and feed the Hip-Hop knowledge to the dancers and upcoming dancers. We all jus growin up. We have much knowledge about hiphop. I mean deep roots about hiphop. So I started to invite all my Hip-Hop frds throughout the world. Who ever travelling to india. They will contact me. We arrange the battles and workshops.

2. How the idea of organize came to you ??

Its all just because of travellin. I travelled some of the country’s in south east asia. I always think I can’t do this in India. What should I need ??? I need financial support. But in india we dont financial support especially for Hip-Hop. There I got a idea. You can’t organize pure Hip-Hop community event. Without any sponsors.

This is my 3rd year event. I’m trying to do more bigger n stronger. For financial wr started to do a hiphop fest fund raising workshop in school and colleges. We save the small small penny. We pay for artist (judge) flight tickets. Some of my foreign dancers friends. They coming by there own m pocket to support my hiphop festival 2014. Hope it will turn all good. All our hardwork should get success.

3. What do you wish for Indian HH culture ? What I wish for indian Hip-Hop culture is every dancer here should start to travel at least nearest country from india. And many abroad dancers should travel to india and spread and share the knowledge.

Less talk work more.

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