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Ciao my Italian people, guess who’s coming back to you?! ME.

Finally, I will be back in Milan after 4 years (omg!) to cover the event from The Fonzarellis.
Few days before I hit Cesenatico for The Week, you’ll find me at their event called Lake Me Down.

The categories.

Let’s go quick. Three categories : 1v1 Smash the Music – 1vs1 Hip Hop Under 15 – 1vs1 Hip Hop Over 15.

✉️ REGISTER by email here: longo.ryan@gmail.com

While the 1vs1 Hip-Hop are normal categories. Let me introduce you the concept: SMASH THE MUSIC. It will be a 1vs1 Mixstyle battle but before the battle begins the « music wheel » will turn and it will decide the kind of music for that battle, so no one will be favored by the DJ!

Speaking about the Deejays, you’ll be lucky enough to hear musics from DJ Ake.

The guests (for ‘Smash the Music’)

The judges

The money prices and fees

– Smash The Music: 500€
– Over 15: 100€ and access to the battles Smash The Music without preselection

– Smash The Music: 20€
– Over 15: 10€
– Under 15: 5€

✉️ REGISTER by email here: longo.ryan@gmail.com

MORE INFORMATIONS on the Facebook event page.

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