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[ ROK – Reaction Of Kiudee ] Bruce Ykanji : « For all the next bad dancers of the emission, you can now dance with complete impunity, I’m not here anymore »


Be a blogger it’s write articles, but also READ the articles of others bloggers.

And tonight, the reading brings me to Dance Style Mag article (only in French) announced us thanks to a cute interview a (not) surprising new :


I ate an apple today, and you don’t write any articles about me as far as I know.

No, I’m kidding.

For all the persons who don’t know this emission, it was a dance emission on a French tv channel where we can see dancers make battles and improvised choreography until a big final, Malika and Bruce Ykanji were judges with every week an other judge who’s part of Hip-Hop culture (rappers for example) and Playmo as host.

Now, the creator of the Juste Debout left this job and explain it by a « disrespect of the dancer and its art » and also he didn’t so the emission evolve even if with Malika they tried several times to help make it grow.

By reading this article, a evidence just came to me. We must recognise that nowadays it’s difficult for Hip-Hop to create a real and pure relation with the medias. Essentially, with the tv.

The ultime paradox

Dancers want to be seen on tv, to enjoy the fact that dance on emission like « Incroyable Talent’ in France, « So You Think You Can Dance » can permits them to have some crazy contracts. It worked for Les Twins so everybody think that it can work for them too.

BUT. In the same time, we know that the most popular medias (even if they really like Hip-Hop culture) are always catch up with the money. They have to make money. And all the persons, who are never kept for a tv audition know that :
– if you don’t do anything spectacular, it’s done.
– if you don’t are something with special effects, it’s done.
– if you don’t do something commercial, it’s done.
– if you’re just Hip-Hop with all the subtleties of our Art, it’s done.

Because they’ve to make money first. Then, they think about you !

The ultime separation

Be on media, keep dancers at bay from the dancers still in the game. Why ? Because Hip-Hop relation with the medias isn’t the good one.
Either, they promote you and you love them.
Either, they are created by fans and you appreciate them.
Either, they permits everybody to know the reality, you hate them and don’t support them (I speak about mine. Yes !)

In the game, people don’t like when dancers are fake with the others. So, why don’t you accept the reality ?

I’m not often agree with Bruce Ykanji’s acts but today I can say : « Thanks Bruce ! ».

In Dance Street, he was the only one who have the bravery to face the dancers and tell them for real when they’re good OR NOT.
He was a judge. And that’s the job a judge. That’s what he’s paid for.

And medias are paid for the same : expose an opinion that anybody can have but nobody dare says it.

It’s exactly what I do my blog but in a creative way. Whatever it’s not the point.

Just little lines to react on his act. Because we don’t cheer each other and have the courage to say « I don’t want to take part of this anymore » even if he earn money with this, just because he’ve gratitude for the Art he love, for the Art he practices worth that I write it on my blog.

PS. It’s in english because the article of Dance Style Mag isn’t in english and they all have to know this story.
PSS. If you, French guys, don’t understand, go to school !

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  2. Cookie's Jam

    Hey there,
    Came across your article because I was cleaning up my blog. It seems the link for the original article no longer exists!
    I’m very happy to hear that someone else agrees with me about what Bruce has to say.
    Here’s my blog post
    Keep on!!!

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