[REPORT] World Crew Battle UK Qualifications 2017 (EN)

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I must confess something: London I’ve missed you!
Almost a year without coming and I was super excited to come back for such an event.


What is WCB? Literally, it means World Crew Battle and/or World Choreography Battle. Not that I’m not sure, but because the importance of that two words just explain the whole concept.
The whole event is meant to reveal the “real” crews. Not those who only see each other once in a while but those who are willing to work together on same projects, doing choreos and share experiences together. How it comes then? It’s crew battle.
Every group can be from 4 to 6 people. The concept is that, every rounds, must contains a routine which must be longer than the freestyle part. Every rounds must start or finish by routine.


As far as I’m in this dance community, I’ve always be super sad that United Kingdom have succeeded highlighting its dance scene as they deserve. To be completely sincere, I could name you only 15 dancers from the UK who are travelling and known overseas. By coming to this competition, and knowing how famous are competitions like UDO here, I thought it will be crazy. It was not.
The only crew who came prepared was Manifest Nation.
I don’t blame the participants, I BLAME THEM (in capitals letters). The concept was written, videos were only to make themselves an idea of what it was. Knowing how the finals is going to happen on November 11th in Berlin, all the crews will come prepared. Last year, the final between Ghetto-Style & Ardor, a French and Japanese teams made millions of views. In the UK, the winners yesterday came to be Rain Future which is a mix of the Rain Crew (Sharifa, Chilly) and the Future Formalities (Ice, Evion, Lady Lousha)


It was the first edition of this qualifications and even if I haven’t been like blowed up by the level, I’ve been super amazed with the vibe. Seeing parents and friends supporting every dancers. All these dancehall music break with people doing cyphers all around the place made me have a good time.
Organised by Kofi & Kris, this sweet couple who hosted me for my staying, really put their heart into it. I spent the days before the event with them (and as an organiser too I know how stressful and busy it can be) but still, they’ve been really patient and warm-welcoming. I could see that they really wanted to make it work and to make it big.
Usually, when people organise preselections from an other event, they are not so involved: finding sponsors, making websites, promoting on every part. They considered this event as theirs to the fullest so we could see in every actions – even the selections of judges, partners, hosts and deejays – that they wanted to make an event they’ll be proud of.
Also, apart from the crew battle were other categories: 1vs1 and 2vs2. I’m more into freestyle as you know, and even if the dance scene looks really small and close, I was glad to discover new people. Princess K, Izaiah, Asharah have been some of them. I won’t lie that I was also really happy to see my NBA Dance Talents again: Josh and Evion – who respectively won the 2vs2 All Styles and the 1vs1 under 18.
At least, to make it short: it was a great event! I’m looking forward to be back next year and see how they succeed improving everything.

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  1. Hey I’m a part of Manifest Nation, I just wanted to say thanks for your words truly appreciate your support!

  2. Thank you for your words. WCB UK team will keep pushing hard for better editions :)

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