@ShaunCreativity brings his « Deeper Than Dance » workshops to USA in 2K16 | STRITER

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As you know, STRITER is not about just being a media : it’s also and mainly about building bridges between all the dance lovers all around the world.

The man I will talk about today is then not just a dancer to me, but also a homie : I use to know Shaun (aka Shaun Creativity) for a while now and I’m kind of happy to see how great he is becoming.

That’s then a pleasure to me to tell you about his American Dance Tour.

In January 2016, my US people, you’ll be able to meet him.

Where ? When ? How ? Tell us more.

Where : Washington, Forrestville, Baltimore, Las Vegas and even more.

When : From Saturday 16th, 2016

How you can register to his workshops ?  Go on the website.


Shaun Creativity brings you a new concept of workshop !


What is it about ? All you have. He has always worked on not teaching his dance to his student as you use to see. His thing is to help each of you to understand yourself and build your own through advices & exercices.

As said on his website, he wants his students to bring their « individual creativity to the next level » thanks to artistic development.

That’s something he already started in France and that works. Take a look.

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