This summer, STRITER will be at Summer Dance Forever 2017

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I’m there every year. It happens in my favorite city. I respect this event so being able to make dancers from all over the world come to one single place for one week without doing any preselections out of its own country. Yes, I talk about the Summer Dance Forever!

I’m back in 2017! And I’m so excited. When an event never disappoint you, you’re always looking forward being back at it and that’s totally my case. Last year, I really enjoyed this experience to the fullest as every year brings new stories to my SDF Timeline – especially when I was doing my live streaming and that we had mad fun commenting what was happening at the event.

This year, I won’t go live (yes, I gonna miss y’all too) but I’ll do much more thing that I’ll be really happy to announce you soon.

You want to join me ? Book your tickets here and be in Amsterdam from 15th to 23rd of August 2017.

Summer Dance Forever is known for its battles…

Hip-Hop, House and Popping… They never moved and will never do. But as movement are the basic of our community, this year we say bye to Breakdance and say hello to Locking. Find the dates below:

• POPPING : Wednesday 16 (preselections) – Thursday 17 (battle)

• LOCKING : Wednesday 16 (preselections) – Thursday 17 (battle)

• HOUSE : Friday 18 (preselections) – Saturday 19 (battle)

• HIP-HOP : Friday 18 (preselections) – Sunday 20 (battle)

[URIS id=13982]

… but not only ! There’s so much more.


I’ve never had the opportunity (and the time, let’s say it! When I’m there, i’m always running everywhere with everybody) to attend the theater side of the Summer Dance Forever. It’s a pure selection of all the best shows and solos from the hip-hop dance world. You can find the program here but if you want to know which shows I won’t miss for sure, here they are: Serial Stepperz, Yaman, Kilaï, Black Sheep on Thursday 17th then, I want to see the solo from Physs on Saturday 19th night.


Ain’t my thing but can totally be yours! While you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from some hip-hop dancing heads that will be around as Dashaun Wesley, Toni Basil, Walid, Yoshie, Icee, Yugson and much more you can book here.

And because dance can also be teach with words, come to the seminar on Sunday afternoon. It will be about « The art of Hip-Hop from battle to theatre performance« . It’s free and open to everybody.


THAT’S TOTALLY MY THING! lol. Summer Dance Forever offers a lot of good parties and activities of all kinds and for everybody. But trust me, you won’t wanna miss these two : the Roller Skate Jam on Saturday afternoon and the JIGGY party on Sunday night.

More informations on:

• Facebook : SummerDanceForever
• Event : Summer Dance Forever 2017
• Website :

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