The 365 Hip-Hop days of Kiudee – 2013

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This report hasn’t for objectives to summarize this year Hip-hop in a majority nor even from a neutral point of view. In this report, which will be mine, I suggest to my readers redrawing through my eyes and my writing, during my first year in this culture. I’ll expose here with my words, the enjoyments and the troubles of this year, what I’ve write in my various Hip-Hop books, what I memorized and learnt of this year. An article that I’ll stand out as annual, so that I can (as much as you) see me evolving. I’ll thus suggest you making it through several points by answering the questions that you asked me on myFacebook page or in private messages.

« Wich dates do you memorize ? »

– March : the Juste Debout where I and the chance to attend winning someone that I deeply like, someone you support me a lot : Fabreezy. An amazing moment that I lived thanks to him.

– April : during the trip in Milan (Italy) for the Fusion Thug Concept, where I and time to speak with the homies  Seun and Kenzo who celebrated his 20th birthday.

– July : as I said, this trip in Czech Republic for the  SDK 2013 was the most beneficial for me. I met incredible people there like my man Two Face, I lived an amazing week with my team #TeamWhineAndKotch and I was able to dance all I want there !!


« What did you accomplish this year ?»

– More contacts

– The exchange dancing program for young dancers #ParisLink that I want to expand

– I started to make new kind of recap with Dypsy like « Feel the Vibes« .

– Succeed to match studies and Hip-Hop.

– Begin new projects.

– Drift everywhere I wanted to go.

« You travel a lot, Paris isn’t good enough ? »

Paris it’s a hive of activities . There are events all the weekends of the year. It’s people whom I regularly see and am with. Travel allows me to get fresh ideas in a spirit purely Hip-hop without any fuss and to meet other persons. I like wandering, it is a fact; but anything replaces Paris : its level, its problems, its greatness.

« Can you tell us dancers you loved this year ? Why ? »

Super Dave for the amazing control of his body and his musicality,

Alex because he never sweats and in one year, he became really dope,

Hoan because his battle against Salah I’m still speechless,

Candyman because he always surprises me and I appreciate how he enjoys dancing,

Dashaun Wesley because the SDK,

Youval because he came back with the Youving and from that, I see him training so I must big up.

« In the report « The problem in Hip-Hop is … » which point concern you ? »

I know to who appoint the mission to dance as I would like to be able to do : to my brother Ulrich and my homegirl Jade in whom I’m sure they will become great.

I know who trust in so I will say that my problem isn’t « To who » ask when I want to know more about this culture ? But more « Why », even if they see Im’ interest, they prefer see me as a new girl who have the impertinence to write about Hip-Hop instead of just speak with me.

« How you take a stand on this culture knowing that 2 years it’s nothing ? »

We all began somewhere. I had and I am lucky enough to know the good persons and I have the necessary ambition to move forward very quickly. Two years it’s ridiculous,I realize it but seen what I made, I’m completely amazed saying to myself that in 1 year I have made so many things that when I would be here for years, I cannot imagine all the things I would have managed to carry out.

« You succeeded to solve the problem of credibility ? »

It’s not a problem, I think that they need to adapt. It’s a question I will solve in time. True that I am recent in the « community » but I have an approach of tho culture rather different. This culture is too young: we haven’t ONE history of Hip-hop, we have PIECES of stories which I try hard to know little by little to gather them and redraw this one. I don’t like use Internet to learn, we still have most of our pillars then yes, I don’t know who won the JD on 2007 or who made what, but I prefer to learn it later by discussing with a « former » or other one to enrich me. Roughly, I favor the exchange. I let people tell me all they want on the history of the Hip-hop and their own stories. I’ve an approach more human than scolar. I don’t deny not knowing everything, but as the said : « Always a student« 


« A lot of rangs about women/men relationship, why ? »

It’s pitiful but I notices a lot of behaviours that I can’t bear and I had to write about it. Guys who send pervert message to girls they call « sistas » or girls who send photos of themselves in underwear to boys they training with. That’s too much for me.

« We often see you dancing at the moment, since when we gonna see you in battles ? »

I won’t tell who asked this question but to reply I’m in period in which I know that my health can be worse at any moment so I enjoy the moment I feel good. Since July, I take the pleasure to enjoy cyphers without be serious but without feel frustrate just looking at the dancers like I did until then.

 « And to finish over this year ? »

“Ambition, Determination, Action” are my key-words since the beginning.

I’ve from now a team to follow me in my projects. In one year, I hope to launch a new big giant Hip-hop project and I cross fingers so that it come true.

Many incomprehensions this year with some persons of whom I regret that they didn’t came to speak with me, I wish they’ll one day. I’m open-minded and open to criticisms when we know how to say them to me and I try hard to correct them.

I began to travel, it’s only the beginning. Lovely meetings also and I hope to move forward.

Peace, Love, Unity and Havin fun.

N.B: if some people want to react to this article, I leave the comments open.

If some feel the urge to discuss, to exchange over their own year(s) in this culture, it will please me to speak with them.

Do not forget that I said it in the beginning of article, it’s MY report. You could find, such of the starving men of the bad criticism, points to be criticized: do. You’ve an enormous gift to be found to criticize where there’s not. I don’t want to be the girk who put an end to your talents.

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