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WOW ! 2017 have been such a busy for me.

In case you missed the best part of it, here’s the top 5 of the most readed posts on STRITER. There’s no surprises about the first two but still
 AHAHAH. See you in 2018 for more readers!

5 : Summer Dancer Forever 2017

My first thought is that it’s a well-known event which should be seen as an goal for dancers.
They should – it’s embarrassing to say – allow themselves to make it only if they really feel ready. It can even be for challenging yourself, but never by default.

When I see preselections – especially in HipHop, I keep telling to myself that many made it by default and it makes waste time. And then, immediately after – because my good-person side always comes out – my second thought turns up. I understands why you all participate.

The vibe of preselections is such that we feel exhilarated. With hundreds of participants there, we feel swept along by the crowd which leads to this thinking of « and what if this year, it was me?« . A thought which is not trivial as every year, there are always some new profiles – bringing a touch of freshness among the regular big names of the selections.

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4 : Sorry but being a Woman ain’t a Problem

We must realize that’s not the real question.
We shouldn’t ask: « Is that hard being a woman in the hip-hop dance? »
But « How being a woman change your relation to the dance community? ».
Then now, women could talk.
I could talk.

It’s necessary to understand that the mentalities evolved a lot these last years within our culture. I sincerely think that the position of the women is widely accepted now but we still need to highlight our positive women and value their worth & work so that it shines even except our « walls ». So that the journalists stop asking the same old-fashioned and ridiculous question. We have strong, ambitious women and entrepreneurs. Let’s be proud of them and let their path clean to build.

In the name of these women, for us, for me the next time I’ll be asked if it’s a problem to be a woman in the hip-hop, I would answer « Only when you ask ».

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3 : My feelings about the Hip-Hop Kingz

You must earn the respect. Or at least, be able to keep it. As the trust.
Got my wrongs in the story, namely that I wasn’t firm enough and/or didn’t came with people able to sit my (deep) thoughts front of him. But I persist thinking that this kind of problems should not take place in this process. You may tell me about contracts and I know what it is (as I make plenty ones for my events) BUT we are a community where « writing is a confirmation ». No matter where: e-mail, message, Whatsapp, WeChat, anywhere you can come back and find the text on both side. Or, nowadays, nobody would be booked.

The part of the artist or the media is to answer to all the messages and to be present by filling completely its part of the « contract ». The part of the organizer is to make sure that the artist or the media will be present and this, in the best conditions. By writing this, I feel like I should write something about this later on. For now, I didn’t felt respected.

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2 : The day I paid for Juste Debout 2017

All day long, I complained about the lifeless public, what actually tired me up and seemed very hard for the two hosts to carry. You promised me that it would go fast and I went home at 11pm. You promised me fights and I looked at the quarters without feeling any craze. Public, I blame you!

Juste Debout changed, but you too! After the period with no Juste Debout, they tried to get back with a new public becoming partner of generalists media in the aim to bring these non-dancers people who pay to see entertainment and not (only) get more dancers who are always frustrated with every decisions
 Fortunately for them, it’s not some hundreds of frustrated that are going to pour an event which continues, in spite of our statements, to make people dream. Especially when you continue to come back every year.

However, what motivates whoever to come, it’s the « JD experience » which includes: the shows, the performances, the atmosphere. All that makes an event memorable. What’s left
 if you just look and do not participate?

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1 : Open letter to the Hip-Hop Dance Mafia

My vocabulary is rich but using the words correctly is not easy.
Words don’t lie or cheat, handling them is a sign of perspicacity.
Since 2012, I write texts that people find enough spicy. I must excuse myself: born Caribbean, I have always been learned to season everything to make it tasty.

Not being the result of your expectations, you often try to abort me.
The Hip-Hop mafia cannot procreate so they refuse to adopt me ?

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