#WeAreFairPlayCampers 001 : meet Virginia from Italy

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Let me introduce the #WeAreFairPlayCampers, the interview from the real important people from this Fair Play Dance Camp 2017: the students! Today, I met Virginia from Italy. I decided to interview her after that I saw her kill Kapela last house dance class. She didn’t get to the « Hall of Fame » but to me she is.

STRITER: Can you introduce yourself?
VIRGINIA: My name is Virginia. I’m 26 and I’m from Italy. I currently live in Alessandria, a small city near Milan. I’m a dance teacher and also, a dancer.

STRITER: What’s the names from the dance studios where you are dancing?
VIRGINIA: I teach in three different dance studios actually. The studio « Centro Danza » in Novi Ligure, « Peter Larsen Dance Studio » in Alessandria and « Danzarte » in Tortona.

STRITER: You told me you’re teaching, what’s your dance style?
VIRGINIA: I teach Hip-Hop. Basically newstyle even if I try to mix all the culture I got. I can put some dancehall or house as I don’t wanna stick only on one style, I want to explore myself. Also, I teach a bit of contemporary mixed with Hip-Hop.

STRITER: Is it your first time at Fair Play Dance Camp?
VIRGINIA: No, it’s my second time.

STRITER: How did you get to know this camp?
VIRGINIA: I was searching for a dance camp with something different and where I could have everything in one place. I searched through dancers and choreograInstagram so here I am.

STRITER: What do you really like about this camp?
VIRGINIA: We are so many people that share the same passion. That’s why I dance and love it. Here we are connected like family.

STRITER: Is there one teacher or more that you really like?
VIRGINIA: I like being myself and I can find it during Kapela or Laure Courtellemont classes. I also like L.A style so I’m waiting for Karon Lynn & K.K. Oh! And Willdabeast, I’m waiting for him so much.

STRITER: What could make this camp better up to you?
VIRGINIA: I don’ tknow, I think it’s perfect how it is. Maybe having less people because there is too much. We want to learn more and more so, I would say maybe just having less people would be great.

STRITER: Would you recommend Fair Play Dance Camp to your students?
VIRGINIA: They are really too young actually but yes, I definitely want to bring them here.

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