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Let me introduce the #WeAreFairPlayCampers, the interview from the real important people from this Fair Play Dance Camp 2017: the students! Today, I met Amina from Belgium. She’s such a joyful woman that I needed to have a talk with her.

STRITER: Can you introduce yourself?
AMINA: My name is Amina, 26yo and I’m from Brussels in Belgium.

STRITER: For how long have you been to Fair Play Dance Camp?
AMINA: It’s actually my third time here and I really feel like home. I always come alone but I’m really social so I always meet new people. It’s pleasant to see the dancers from all around the world reunited here thanks to dance. Every time I come back, I find the love for dance again.

STRITER: What’s your dance style?
AMINA: Hip-Hop but I started contemporary as I want to get out from my comfort zone. I try house and would love to do salsa or any ballroom dance. Meanwhile I feel like I shouldn’t try everything. But I think it’s important as a dancer to be complete and know some different styles. It open doors.

STRITER: It opens doors to the professional side, you mean?
AMINA: Yes. I would like to be a pro so I don’t want to focus only on choreo. So I don’t want just to do choreography, but also freestyle. I’m working hard on that.

STRITER: What makes you come back every year?
AMINA: I don’t know… The atmosphere, the people…

STRITER: Do you make other camps and prefer that one or is it the only one you do?
AMINA: Fair Play Dance Camp have been my first dance camp ever. When I came in 2015, I had stopped dancing for 5 years. Before I was doing it for the fun: taking some classes sometimes. Nothing serious. After this five years, I wanted to get back to it and started to dance one a week. Spontaneously, I felt the desire to challenge myself so I searched to dance camps. I found like eight – there’s so many – and I don’t know why, I chose Fair Play Dance Camp. God bring me here! I really looked at all details about all the camps but I felt for Fair Play Dance Camp, like I must come here.

STRITER: Do you find the schedule complete enough?
AMINA: Yes, it’s getting better!

STRITER: The first time you come were you satisfy with the balance between choreo and freestyle?
AMINA: True that there’s not enough freestyle classes. There’s even more Hip-Hop than other styles. I think if there was more other styles like comtemporay it would be nice but for now, it’s a little bit a pity.

STRITER: Since you come, what did you experienced here and will remember forever?
AMINA: Some motivational speeches from teachers. I attended Keone & Mari or Shaun Evaristo – I could feel they come for their love for dance, not only before they got to give us classes. They’re so pure. It touch me seeing them being so humble even if they’re famous. I admire that kind of persons. They behaviour, they will to unite us through dance with groups and stuff, I love that. They also remind us to cheers each other and t’s cool because there is so many teachers coming who only come to give their choreo. And these give much more than just a choreo. When they tell these words, you feel like they’re directly talking to you. That makes me emotional.

STRITER: What’s your main goal after this camp?
AMINA: Work hard. I dream being a pro. Since 2015, I realized that and now, this is really my goal. After my first Fair Play Dance Camp, I was really motivated and went back to trainings. That motivates me a lot. I can already picture myself giving my class on stage. I love sharing my love for dance.

STRITER: Who are your favorite teachers ? Don’t tell me all of them.
AMINA: I don’t say of all them. I will pick Kapela, Keone & Mari, Shaun Evaristo, Salah and Paradox. Dancers that really have a heart and give you a lot. They are my favorite.

STRITER: Which pack did you buy?
AMINA: The no-limit. I don’t like to feel frustrated having to chose which classes I want to attend.

STRITER: And how do you feel with this really intensive schedule?
AMINA: The first day, I always try to do all the classes (laughs). On Monday, I made the 10 hours and now, I downed to 5 hours. I had to listen my body.

STRITER: Do you already plan to come back?
AMINA: Of course, it became my family.

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